Johanna Jacobson-Petrov, MRSc, BScOT, CHT

Johanna Jacobson-Petrov is a Canadian-trained occupational therapist. She became a certified hand therapist in 1997, and finished her Master of Rehabilitation Science in 2015. In 2000 family obligations required a relocation to Sofia, Bulgaria. After a period of adaptation and language learning, Johanna started working with surgeons in Sofia; educating them about the importance of upper extremity rehabilitation, especially after traumatic injury. Later, she became the first therapist to work directly with the surgeons in the Division of Hand and Microsurgery Surgery at the main trauma hospital in Sofia, establishing a busy hand therapy practice and participating in the education of trainee hand surgeons. Since the level of knowledge about effective hand therapy is minimal in Bulgaria, she has treated many patients with severe stiffness. This practical experience has allowed her to develop an understanding of effective treatment techniques for the stiff hand. She has lectured to therapists across Bulgarian and in Europe, and has presented at national and international congresses. Her focus is to continue to improve the level of hand therapy in Bulgaria and beyond through education, mentoring, and the provision of exceptional patient care.