American Hand Therapy Foundation Happy Hour with a Scholar

This lecture will be offered as a LIVE STREAM presentation for our in-person and virtual attendees. This event will not be recorded and will not be available as part of the on-demand content.

Date/Time: Fri, October 8, 2021 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

No Crying in Innovation


This lecture describes my translational research in the context of dissemination and implementation science. It reviews how major paradigms in nerve surgery have shifted from nerve repairs to grafting to transfers. It also reviews how diffusion of information occurs and how education and outreach can encourage the dissemination and implementation of surgical innovation in nerve surgery. Specifically, in the lecture, we cover the supercharge nerve transfer from basic science research to being performed in practice by early adaptors.


  • To understand the role of diffusion and the new scientific field of dissemination and implementation research.
  • To understand how education and outreach can encourage dissemination and implementation of surgical innovation.
  • To understand how basic science research can be translated into actual surgical practice.